Home Made Brain Games For Dogs

Brain games like this can be a great way to teach your dog some problem solving skills. And in today’s article, I’m going to show you how to take the simple plastic container and turn it into a really fun game for a dog of any breed of any size of any age in any physical ability. 

I’m a dog expert, this is my dog. Welcome back to dog training 101. If this is your first time on the channel, and you consider your dog, a member of the family, then you’re gonna want to click the link at the bottom of the article. We publish new articles every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four legged family member. 

Now the brain game toy that we’re going to make this week is a really simple one to make. And if you saw the brain game video we posted recently, you’re probably gonna have a few of these lying around the brain game food puzzle that we posted last week or something included a bunch of tennis balls. 

So if you have put that together, then you’re going to have these and if you haven’t seen that video yet, then I’ll post a link above me 

You can you can check that one out. But what you’re going to need for this DIY toy build is a an empty tennis ball container. A pair of scissors sharp knife and now I’m using a utility knife. But if you have a really sharp kitchen knife that’s probably going to work just as well.

 And a few pieces of your dog’s kibble kibble and these are just going to be for size reference. Now the thing with this DIY brain game isn’t so much how you make it, it’s more how you introduce it to your dog. And I’ll show you in a minute, just what I mean. But let’s get started. First, we’re going to cut a few little holes into this tennis ball container so that the cable can fall out. First things first, I’m going to make a couple of cuts into this tennis ball container.

Trying to keep in mind how big that kibbles gonna be. So that they don’t make a huge mess when we give it to one of the dogs.

Exercise caution when you’re using these sharp knives, because this container is a little bit flimsy. And the last thing you’d want to do is sustain any kind of injury while you’re trying to make one of the brain game. 

 Now while you’re doing this, try to keep the majority of your holes that we’re putting in this tennis ball container near the middle, the likelihood is that your dog when your dog flicks it that this is going to spin. And we’re really not looking for an easy payout. If the container spins, it’s gonna eject all of the treats out everywhere and your ducks can be running around like a maniac. What we want them to do is have to work a little bit and figure out that rolling this container is really what gets them that that great treat payout. 

So keep most of your holes and I hope you guys can see this. Okay, keep most of your holes towards the middle, you know, two thirds of this tennis ball container. So there we go. I’ve got four holes in the center of the container. I’m not sure well, you guys can see that hopefully you can. You can kind of see it. Maybe I’ll put it to show the overhead camera. But I think that there’s enough holes in here that the treats aren’t going to just go flying out once again to maybe play this with Grand Slam. 

Who you guys may remember from our last spring game video, but trees are just just going to go flying out but they’ll fly If he figures out the right way to make the toy work pretty good, I’m pretty confident with that. Okay, now the important part, let’s show Grand Slam how to play this game, I cleared a little bit of a space in the living room. So that slam can play with this frame game toy. And I have brought up the handheld camera so that it can get you guys in in right on top of the action.

 There are two little hacks that I can mention with this. So in my short, the short amount of time that I played tennis, the more expensive tennis balls come with a much nicer container a little bit thicker. It’s just a nicer container in general. So if you have a dog who will be crunching this or you find that the first one you made it didn’t last very long, then you can buy a little bit more expensive tennis balls, and you’d probably get a nicer container. 

The other thing is if you have a dog who’s crunching and really working hard to get the food out of this and it’s actually taking them a lot longer and they’re damaging the toy, put more treats in it, the more the toy pays out, the less likely they are to crunch it and really knock it around like crazy. So the less interaction they have to do, the smaller the roles, the more treats coming out. So keep that in mind more food equals less you know destructive behavior with a brain game like this.

Okay, so I’ve plopped a couple of slams kibble treats in there some of his dinner we’ve portioned out, and we’re going to put the lid on, and that will let slim see if he can figure out how to get these treats out of this, this brain game.

Actually, over the course of filming this video for you guys slam actually his entire dinner out of this brain game and he was able to have some fun while doing it. So I think Enjoy and let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas for really great brain games that you do with your dog. Now, this is your first time on the channel. Make sure you hit that subscribe button.

We publish new videos every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four legged family member.

You see the video over there. Those are actually videos of other DIY dog things that we created for a YouTube channel that you guys might enjoy watching. On that note, I’m Ken this grand slam happy training.

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